Hand-Dyed Silk Scarves

Hand-Dyed Silk Scarves

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Hand-dyed 100% silk scarf; Natural Dyes

Habotai Silk scarf 8" x 72".  

Saxon Blue (light blue)

Marigold (yellow) - from my dye garden

Hibiscus (green/heather) - from my dye garden

Black Walnut (brown, caramel) - from our tree


Charmeuse Silk scarf 8" x 54".

Indigo (dark blue) 



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Habotai, also known as "China Silk", makes the perfect weight scarf for summer wear. These have hand rolled hems with 100% silk thread. 

Charmeuse is described as the Porsche of silks! A muted crepe on the back side and shimmery lustrous satin on the top side. It is heavier and more substantial, has a soft, hand and a luxurious drape.  These have hand rolled hems with 100% silk thread.

I will eventually post individual photos of each scarf.  For now, choose habotai and/or charmeuse and add the quantity of scarves to your cart.  Once you are in checkout, there will be a place to add additional information; please tell me your choice(s).  If you see a color/pattern combination that is not currently shown or have additional questions, please contact me.