World's Cutest Babies

I'm know that is a very broad and grandiose claim.  And I also know you may disagree with me, thinking your child or grandchild or niece or nephew or even your puppy or kitten is the cutest.  But really, look at those faces.

Launch of Flora & Fiber

A year ago I retired from my almost 4 decade healthcare career.  I truly enjoyed my years as a nurse and nurse practitioner and I honestly believe it to be my life's calling.  While I remain a nurse/nurse practitioner, those endeavors will be mostly of the volunteer nature - Free Medical Clinic, mentoring, presenting . . . not to say I won't do some consulting work if offered big bucks!!! ;-)

There were many reasons for my decision, but one of them was that I wanted to try my hand at something new - something I could create . . . own . . . manage.  So, I took 2016 to be the year I explored the possibilities.  Being a lifetime learner, this was a fun project!  What I found is that I really enjoy fiber arts - specifically weaving, spinning, dyeing and the such.  I bought a 4 shaft loom and a spinning wheel, planted a dye garden, set up an area in the barn for a dye area, joined a local spinning and weaving guild, and voraciously consumed online and print articles and videos about the subjects.

I then pondered, so what do I do with this new found knowledge and skills?  I could just quietly enjoy "retirement", but that's not really my style.  As I told everyone when I resigned from my job, it wasn't really retirement, but the time for a second career. 

So that brings me to today.  For the past month, I have been preparing for the launch of Flora & Fiber.